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Jewellery care

We have already learned that we need to clean and care for our gold jewellery from time to time. But our beautiful pearls also need to be cared for so that they don't lose any of their beauty. Here are a few essential tips for jewellery care, so that you can enjoy our pearl jewellery for a long time.

  1. storage

Pearls are quite unsociable, as they usually have a whole shell to themselves. When storing them, you should also make sure that they are kept separate from other pieces of jewellery, because otherwise they can get scratched. The best way to store it is in a case that protects it from sunlight. Line it with silk, because cotton can actually draw moisture from your pearl.

  1. protect from heat

The sun can not only draw colour out of the pearl, it can also harm it through heat. Too much heat destroys the chemical structures of the pearl skin and makes it brittle. So keep it in a appropriate place.

  1. protect against chemical substances

Especially when doing housework, it is easy to come into contact with alkalis or acids. Remember, pearls are natural products and can react sensitively. Because sometimes jewellery care also means giving it a breather.

  1. better to wear over fabric

Sweat can actually damage the pearl over time if you wear it too often on bare skin. So try to wear your preferred pieces over fabric most time, but never during sweaty activities.

  1. be good to your pearls...

...and remove sweat and cosmetics from them with a soft, slightly damp cloth after each wear. However, please refrain from using chemical cleaning agents.

  1. the best is placed at the end

To protect your pearls, it's best to apply all beauty and care products first and then top off your outfit with your pearl jewellery.

  1. pearls do not like to swim

It is therefore best to take them off before swimming, showering or bathing. If they do get wet, dry them at room temperature. This makes jewellery care child's play.

  1. a pearl is not a one man show

There is a chain, bracelet or ring around your pearl. Always make sure that these are not damaged and can scratch and harm the pearl. A necklace is replaceable, but a unique pearl is not.

  1. spring-clean

Clean your pearl two to three times a year with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Then leave the pearl to dry at room temperature.

  1. the shimmering finale

To keep your pearl shiny, you can treat it with olive oil every two to three years. Apply a very fine layer with a soft cloth and the pearl will shimmer as it did on the first day.

Do you have any questions or you are still unsure about any aspect of jewellery care? Then contact us at any time!

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