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There are words that already carry a certain feeling. Cashmere - doesn't that sound like cuddliness, warmth and comfort?

Thermal functionality and pure luxury: for the hempeline cashmere collection, probably the most sought-after natural fibres in the world are artfully woven together.

Gently dyed and natural, our silky blankets, shawls and scarves carry the magic of the legendary region in the north of India.

Thousands of years old

For 3,000 years, the goat's hair in Kashmir has been used to make textiles. Here we cooperate with a traditional manufacturer that is close to nature - to receive first-hand goods.

The undercoat with a diameter of less than 20 micrometres, which has been cleaned from the outer coat, is combed out during the coat change. Around 150 grams are collected per animal.

These are further processed by hand according to ancient tradition. Afterwards they are woven into beautiful and wonderfully flattering blankets, scarves or even shawls for us.


For our fashion classics made from 100% natural wool, cashmere is combined with the sensual feel of merino to create cosy-warm scarves and shawls.

Merino wool, which comes from North Africa, is known for its exceptional comfort. It is cosy in winter, soft in summer and pleasantly cool on the skin.

Whether natural or gently dyed (without synthetics) - a fine woollen scarf or a delicate shawl bear witness to the everlasting style of its wearer.

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