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Pure magic

Pearls are magical. It starts with a tiny grain of sand hidden in a shell. Here - protected from views - a true treasure is created.

It is as if nature wanted to create something special. For no reason at all. Just like that, out of pure pleasure for the fascinating beauty of a shimmering pearls.

It is its equally pure and surprisingly multicoloured lustre that makes a pearl the perfect piece of jewellery to surround us with a mysterious spell.

Play of colours

Tahitian pearls appear black at first before revealing a wide spectrum of colours; from silver-grey to various shades of green to bronze, pink or purple.

South Sea pearls are lighter in colour, oscillating between gold and silvery-white with a multitude of effects and shades that never cease to surprise us.

Every pearl created by nature is different, with its own shine, sometimes uniformly round, then again drop-shaped. Whether pearl or woman - each is perfect in her own way.


The story begins on a small, ecologically managed pearl farm in Indonesia. Here, the pearls thrive around remote islands, in water quality that is hard to find anymore.

The pearls are handpicked for hempeline jewellery. Depending on their character, they are combined with white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver or leather to create unique pieces of jewellery.

Our real pearl jewellery collection combines playful pearl lustre with clear lines; whether as earrings, pendants or filigree gold necklaces.

Featured in VOGUE. Presented at LONDON FASHION WEEK.
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