Leitlinien Philosophie


We at hempeline not only feel a deep responsibility towards our customers, to offer them the quality of products that they deserve and that we promise them. We also have a great responsibility for the people and the nature behind these products. That is why we have guidelines according to which we select our products and partners.
Because for us, it's not about offering beautiful things at any price, but also about making them under fair conditions. Only in this way do they make us happy and really make us shine.

#1 treating people fairly

Before working with all of our partners and producers, especially abroad, we confirm that they always pay an appropriate minimum wage, never use child labor and speak out against any form of racism, exclusion or sexual assault. In addition, we always have the factories, workplaces and the surrounding area shown to us. On site or via video conferencing.

#2 respectful treatment of nature

We not only question what we do for nature at hempeline, but also with our partners. Pearls and cashmere are wonderful and magical products of nature that we want to be treated and made the same way. Therefore, we ask all our producers which processes they go through, whether they use environmentally friendly processes and additives and what they do for sustainability. We love partners who love their products and nature as much as we do.

#3 tested quality and standards

Our benchmarks for all of our products are EU directives and German standards. In the production of our make-up products in particular, we make sure that they comply with all standards and receive the necessary certifications. That is why we also produce in Germany and do not make any compromises. The applicable guidelines and our guidelines guarantee, for example, animal-free production and fair remuneration for everyone involved.

#4 inspire global, act local

We travel all over the world for our customers to discover the most beautiful treasures for the most beautiful women. We make sure that we do not work with intermediaries, but only with producers directly in order to avoid unnecessary transport routes, intermediate packaging and working conditions that we cannot control. At hempeline, too, we ensure short transport routes and regional production. All our goods are sent directly to hempeline and are not managed in an external location. Our packaging is also predominantly made from sustainable materials and is regionally designed and produced. This saves shipping routes, secures jobs and enriches our range. The entire make-up range is developed and manufactured not far from hempeline. In this way, we not only save resources, we also always have the opportunity to accompany and influence the processes.

#5 climate-conscious action

But even we at hempeline are not always perfect and therefore always want to give something back to our planet for its treasures beyond our guidelines. For every product sold, we donate to a reforestation project in Costa Rica, which plants a tree for every EUR 500 donated. Find out more about this great project and how we can do something good for our planet: